Hello Sunshine State: The great Florida getaway

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It is not surprising that many travelers are captivated by Florida. Even renowned business magnate Walt Disney saw something magical in it, which he called “a place that captures the imagination.” From its famed beaches to its plethora of theme parks and resorts, Florida has tons to offer and more. And even the most discriminating traveler will find something fun to do in the Sunshine State.

One of the most popular destinations in Florida is Walt Disney World. Despite the ubiquitous mile-long lines at every attraction, the “happiest place on earth” still attracts millions of tourists every year. And it is not only the children who get to enjoy the popular theme park. Even adults cannot help but be enamored by the charm of Mickey Mouse and company.


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Another popular destination in Florida is the city of Miami, a place that “offers multiple enticements for everyone”, from night-life loving tourists to certified foodie travelers. Its long list of beaches for one never fails to relax and rejuvenate weary vacationers.

Other Florida destinations that are a sure hit with both first-time and seasoned travelers include the Key West, Sarasota, and the Everglades. St. Augustine, Sanibel Island, and Caladesi Island State Park are also staple destinations in any Florida itinerary.

But to see the best of what Florida has to offer, travelers need to partner with trusted travel booking firms. These companies can help vacationers design an unforgettable Florida getaway, whether it’s an action-packed trip or a luxurious holiday.


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Saying yes to a Florida vacation is now made easier with Lagniappe Destinations, which has access to preferred collection destination resorts in the state. To learn about the travel packages that the company designs, visit LagniappeDestinations.com.

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