Taking the trip to Costa Rica


Image Source: eaglecreek.com


Any traveler will tell you that an important factor in choosing a destination, apart from fun sites, is its security and peace and order situation. But when destinations in South America are mentioned, the usual worry is some of the countries’ political unrest.

A must-see tropical getaway, Costa Rica is known as the oldest and most stable democratic country in South America. In fact, life and politics in Costa Rica have been enviable after the country abolished its military in 1948. Since then, there have been no attempts to re-establish any military force in the country as peace and order have reigned since.

Now that security issues are out of the way, consider these amazing places to see in Costa Rica:

Hikers will fall in love with the rugged terrain of Zona Sur. It is in this region where Cerro Chirripó is located, the country’s highest point. Head even further south to find Parque Nacional Corcovado, the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national parks. This is a protected area, for it is the last rainforest on the Pacific coast. Corcovado is home to the famed exotic wildlife in Costa Rica.


Image Source: costaricainfolink.com


Considered one of the best mountain biking trails in the country, Pura Vida Ride is located in Las Catalinas. Take the bike out on this single trail and experience the exhilarating ocean view. The trail is recommended for intermediate bikers since there are no rails to guide a rider.

For that whitewater rafting rush, one can head to Naranjo River in the Manuel Antonio area. The El Chorro Section of the river is rated Class IV. This means that this section is for experienced paddlers who can maneuver tight sections in turbulent waters.


Image Source: tripadvisor.com.ph


So, whether it’s hiking through lush rainforest, mountain biking on a challenging trail or whitewater rafting on wild rivers, Costa Rica is an outdoor adventure dream.

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