Tips for flying long-haul with kids

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Long flights can be stressful at the best of times. For parents, meanwhile, things can become all that much harder while travelling with babies or children.

It is important to be prepared to have a smooth flight while taking care of children’s needs. In line with this, CNN shares some tips for parents flying with small children:

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Pre-order the kid’s meals. Karla Cripps, a mother of two, advises moms and dads to prepare meals before going on board. This method includes coordinating with the airline during flight booking. Many airplane companies allow parents to do this. Also consider bringing a few packs of healthy snacks in case they get hungry in the middle of the flight.

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Fly when they are asleep. While some children can sleep anywhere, others can’t adapt. As a solution, book a flight that is in sync with the children’s sleeping time.

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Board early. Take advantage of early boarding. By the time the attendant announces that passengers with small children can board in a particular time, be quick to take the opportunity to get the kids settled as you fix your luggage and other valuables.

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Bring gadgets and valuable items. Keep them entertained by installing kid-friendly apps in your phone or tablet. Also consider buying small earphones that fit the kid’s ears. In addition, it also helps to pack their “valuables” such as favorite toy, blanket, or pillow to keep them comfortable throughout the flight.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for flying long-haul with kids

  1. Juan Creevey on said:

    Or just don’t let the kids sleep the night before you board!

  2. George Lancer on said:

    If I were a child, I’ll just sleep!

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