Exploring the sunny side of life in Maldives

south nilandhe

Image Source: theguardian.com

When it comes to the world’s best beaches, no other destination compares to the Maldives. A home to 26 coral atolls, 1,200 islands, and over 100 resorts, the island nation is considered one of the most sophisticated holiday destinations in the world.

Now, to truly enjoy its godgiven wonders, go beyond the norms when it comes to activities in the island. Instead of the usual buffet and all day relaxing treats, go out and discover Maldives’ extraordinary spots. The World Travel Guide shares some of them:

A dive in the Addu Atoll. Found in southern part of the Maldives island groups, the Addu Atoll stands out for its rich coral reefs and Manta Rays, which can be found all year long. Those who are not inclined to dive, however, will find that the island is also a great place for bike rides.

Boat cruising. Cruising among the remote atolls of the idyllic Maldives is a delightful way to end the day. Most travelers cruise on a sunset through a wooden boat called dhoni, where they are served drinks and snacks and serenaded by local musicians.

Male city tour. Male is the capital city of Maldives and is an incredible place to visit outside one’s resort. Some of its most famous attractions include the city’s mosques and the national museum, where interesting collections of artifacts such as the Sultan’s thrones and palanquins can be found.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

These are just three of the most exciting activities and places found in Maldives. With its diverse culture and incomparable landscape, this pristine island leaves much to be explored.

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