How to beat boredom during long flights and solo travel

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Even if traveling is an experience that should not warrant boredom, sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control that can cause us to feel that way. Whether you’re in a long haul flight to a faraway land or traveling alone in a foreign country, here are some tips on how to keep things interesting:

Make new friends

Try striking a conversation with your seatmate on the plane or get to know the other people staying in your hotel or bed and breakfast. Utilize your charm and social skills to make new friends, whether they are locals or your fellow tourists. Think of yourself as a “Sim” who needs constant human interaction to be in a better mood.

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Take a nap

Long flights usually span hours so if you can, take a good rest. It might be difficult to sleep on your seat but it will help you pass the time. It will also give you the energy for all the activities you have planned once you reach your destination and help you battle the jetlag.

Play games, watch movies, read

Make sure to bring your tablet or smartphone along in long haul flights. You may not be able to text and call your friends or family, but you can access many applications that can distract you. Alternatively, you can watch movies or read a good book to pass the time.

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